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Back At It After Christmas!

We had a super busy Christmas break. As most of you already know, we live full time in our RV so that we can travel for learning opportunities for Joe, and also because I love it. This Christmas we spent a lot of time updating the trailer to make it fit our full time lifestyle better. We tore out and replaced the entire living room and dinning room! Joe even got his wood working skills on to build me a set of stairs for my side of the bed that act as stairs, draws, and a bed for Freya(the doggo). I'll be posting pictures of the remodel soon, so stay tuned if you want to see before and after pictures.

Joe has Jumped straight back into school. The American College of Building Arts offers week long intensive course before school starts back up and Joe signed up for both weeks! The theme this year is women in trades. So the school is bringing in women from around the country who work in the trades taught at the school, and are really good at it! These classes are open to the community to, and you don't need to have a background in any of the crafts to sign up and take the courses, which is pretty awesome. I love that they are focusing on women in the trades for the winter intensives. The school is so male dominated that its great to remind them and the community that women can really rock it too!

This week is his first intensive, and he signed up for Forged Fashion. That's right, wearable metal! And we aren't just talking necklaces and jewelry here. Ellen Durkan does some really awesome clothing out of metal and you should totally go check her out: or on instagram @ironmaidenforge, the picture is of her in one of her custom corsets taken from and linked to her facebook page. She is really talented, and Joe is really enjoying learning from her. She is stretching his understanding of not only what metal can do, but what HE can do, and that it really helpful for him at this point in his journey. He has the basic skills down, and now it's about learning how to put them together to create more advanced work, and the direction he wants his personal art to take.

For the class Joe decided to make a collar, and so far it is turning out really cool. He is going for an organic flower vine look. His work continues to migrate toward organic lines, natural inspiration, and asymmetry, I'm looking forward to seeing where this exploration takes him.

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