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Big Updates

There has been a lot going on the past two weeks, and we choose to hold off on an update until we had a few things nailed down.

The biggest update as far as Joe's blacksmithing goes is that he has chosen to switch to an associates degree which means he will graduate this year. So his graduation date is now May 23, 2020. This is a huge change in the plan, we honestly thought he would stay for the full 4 years, but life sometimes doesn't work out quite the way we thought. After his graduation Joe will most likely go back to welding for the next year or two while smithing during his free time. We appreciate all the support we have gotten from family and friends, and this is the right choice for now.

The second big update, and a contributor to this choice is I am looking at two more joint surgeries that will be stacked as close as my body will allow. We always knew I was looking at more surgery in the future, it was really just a question of when. This is going to be a rough time for us, and we need to concentrate on how this will effect our future and maintaining a presence close to my doctors. Hopefully my body will cooperate and we will get this done quickly!

The current plan is to stay in the trailer, its a small space that I think will work well for my recoveries, and it will allow us the freedom to save money and continue to travel. Sometimes life has different plans than we do, and we will remain flexible and see where this new plan takes us. We are taking a step back from a lot of things and evaluating where we go from here. The blog is one of those things, we will keep up the pictures and resumes, but if he is welding rather than smithing there will be a lot less to write about so I will probably go down to once a month from here out. This will give us a chance to really decide on where we are going.

As for school Joe has continued to do great! they finally finished the fire grate that was started last semester, and it looks really good. The class has moved on to gothic designs, and spent this week designing their next projects. His copper vessel class is also going well, and he has finally reached the point where it counts as a cup, and now is going to start adding the design elements and shining it up!

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