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Learning about Clients

This year a lot of Joe's school work has focused around client commissions. Last year for the most part Joe got to focus on what he wanted to make. He did some coping to show that he could recreate things, but even then it was mostly his choice how he did it. This year started with work commissioned for the Charleston Symphony Orchestra. The Orchestra asked his school for some statues they could sell for their yearly fundraiser. Joe went for an organic version of a treble cleft on a metronome. He had several ideas, but had to get the ideas approved, which was a new experience for him.

His next project for school is a fireplace grate. They are working on this one in teams, which is also a new experience. They are using a gate on the property as inspiration for the grate. Each member of the team drew up ideas, and voted on which one they liked best. Amazingly Joe's design got chosen. This year has really been doing a lot for his confidence, and that has also been really great.

A drawing of the symphony statue

In progress and finished shots of the symphony statues

The inspiration for the fireplace grate

The drawing for the grate

He also made a toothpick bridge in his science class, and it looked pretty cool.

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