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Measure Twice

Sometimes its the little things that throw you off. We have all heard the adage measure twice cut once, but when the fence you are measuring has been run though with a fence, the measurements will always be a little off. Today was one of those days. Sometimes you need to step back and look at the whole picture to see where the mistake was made. By focusing too much on the small section of fence in the shop and not thinking about the larger picture and how the damage inflicted by the car would change the shape of the piece, the wrong mold was made. On the plus side the mistake was caught, and the customer will be getting the correct piece. Being a first year smith mistakes are bound to happen, but learning from them, and not repeating the same ones too often (if at all) is the real key, and today was certainly a learning day.

Small section of an iron fence with a brown jacket thrown over for background contrast
Fence section made from the wrong measurements

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