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Meeting Clients

Today Joe got to go meet some clients with Vinny and learn more about the process. He got to see how Vinny interacts with clients, and also how he looks at spaces when taking new clients on. One of the things Joe has decided that he likes is how honest he feels Vinny's client interactions are, and he will be taking that forward with him on his journey. They went and looked at the site for the fence Joe has been working on for several weeks now, but the rest of the fence is much older, and it may be time to update the rest as well. He also got a chance to go see a site where a potential client is looking to instal a railing on some outside steps. These are the kinds of projects Joe wants to work on in the future, so it was an exciting day, and he feels he learned a lot. These are the aspect of an apprenticeship that a school education can't really cover, so it really exemplifies the holes he is looking to fill during breaks. Getting hands on experience in an actual shop with actual clients is invaluable for the future.

Once making it back to the shop Joe finished the wall brackets he has been working on this week. He welded the pieces together, and invested some elbow grease into shining them up. They turned out really well, and he is proud of the work.

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