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Opening A Small Shop

Hey guys, do you enjoy seeing all of Joe's work and the cool new stuff he is working on? Cause I do. It has been amazing to watch his passion and skills grow over the past year. I am so excited and happy for him that he has truly found his passion! He is really starting to get and idea of the kind of smith he wants to be and what it is he wants to make. On the down side, we are both full time students right now, and that has been a little bit rough on the budget. So.... in order for him to start working on some of his own projects, and not just school stuff we are going to be selling some of his work to make money for stock. If you are interested in owning a Joseph Bockhold original, Now Is Your Chance!! We really do appreciate everybody's support. We will be updating the shop frequently. There are several more pieces in the wings right now waiting for Joe to put finishing touches on them.

Because I like to know all the costs of everything upfront, the shipping is including in the price of everything in the shop, so the price you see really is the whole price. If you are super interested in something specific let us know! And if you are really super interested in something in the shop but its a little pricy, let us know, we can probably work something out, especially if we are able to hand deliver it to you.

I put up an Etsy shop:

You can also access the shop by clicking the shop button on the navigation menu!

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