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This week Joe spent most of the week refine work that had been mostly completed. He put the finishing touches on the picture plant candle holder, and I'm in love with how it turned out!

Last semester the big project for his class was working on the medallion for the fire place grate. Everyone in the class had to make one, knowing that only 3 would get chosen by the client. This week we found out that Joe's was one of the chosen ones! I am so happy and proud of him! So class time this week has been dedicated to putting the pieces together to actually make them into a grate. It should look really cool when it is done.

Joe has been working on his first commission, but we are going to wait to share pictures of that one until the lucky new owner has possession of it. It's really exciting for him to be in a place where he can accept commissions. We are also looking at selling some of our stuff in a local game shop, which would be amazing! hopefully I will have an update on that soon!

I am really trying to put out a blog post a week to help keep consistency, but some weeks like this one, there isn't that much to write about. If you have any questions you would like to ask, or a curious about Joe or my's options on something please let me know, so I can start an "ask the smith" series to add interest to the slow weeks! You can comment here with your question, post it on any of our social medias or message me directly.

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