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Silver Intensive

This week Joe had his silver intensive, and he really enjoyed it. This class was quite a bit different from last weeks class, it was a lot more about detail and time. They were working with sterling silver, and Joe really focused on his precision with this piece. He spent a lot of time polishing it and making sure all the seams looked good.

This was part of the women in trades series, and this time his teacher was local to the area. Her name is Kaminer Haislip, and she make some really pretty and delicate silver pieces. The picture is from and linked to her facebook account. You can also check out her website: or follow her on instagram @kamineraipslip. I think its really awesome that they got a local artist to come in, and apparently this is the first class she has taught in 4 years. They guys in the class really enjoyed it and again turned out some good work.

last week Joe got to focus on stretching his beliefs in himself and hi

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