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Week One

Sorry this one is a day late, I'm really trying to post every Friday, but this has been a weird week in our house, adjusting to the new schedule, sickness, and trying to further our business opportunies..

This was Joe's first official week back at school. His schedule is going to be pretty intense this semester, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are all going to be forge days for him. That should be really good for muscle development.... He has already finished his first project for the semester which was a fun candle holder he modeled off of a carnivorous plant called a picture plant. This was an interesting one because he decided to start with a hollow piece of metal, which is supposed to help the overall stability of the end piece, but all they had was square cut hollow tubes, so he had to round it out himself. He is also taking more conservation classes this semester, which should be pretty interesting.

I'm enjoying the results as joe spends more time exploring inspiration from nature. I think it is really speaking to him, and each project he creates makes him happier than the last. I feel like he has made amazing progress especially considering he has been doing this for less than to years.

With us being in the second semester, and not having a summer internship lined up yet, we are in crunch time! So if you know anyone who has room for an intern over the summer please send them our way! or us in their direction! The planner in me really wants to get it lined up as quickly as we can.

As always here are some fun progress pictures from the week. There is a little more detail work, but it is basically done, which is a good feeling for him. He is getting much quicker, this project took him most of three days, but that was mostly because he spent a little more than a day making all to tools to make the project work exactly how he wanted. I'm honestly really happy that he choose a profession where he makes more of his tools than we have to buy!

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